The Sysops Log!

"The daily (or whenever) mutterings of a frantic Sysop"

  • Saturday 21st June
    Spent most of the day sleeping after 36 hours at Ace.
  • Friday 20th June
    One of *those* days. One upgrade too many killed the main Linux router.
    After re-installing Linux etc had to wait 3 hours to find out the ISP access code.
    Once we got things working after that, tests to the ISP kept failing.
    Spent the rest of the afternoon pulling hardware/software to bits looking for a problem.
    At about 6:00pm we were able to prove that the problem was at the ISP.
    That was finally rectified about 9:00pm then we spent the next 2 hours getting back to where we should have been about lunch time.
  • Thursday 19th June
    Lots! Heather has been on a roll and doing lots of work overhauling new user login screens etc. (don't blame me!)
    Added a Secondary domain name server -
    Added another couple of lines to the system.
  • Monday 16th June
    Upgrade to Web Blaster Pro.
    Added RTFM for a little entertainment.
  • Sunday 15th June
    Most of the past week has gone to Linux upgrades etc.
  • Friday 6th June
    Added User Account status report to the Ace Web Page.
  • Thursday 5th June
    Start work on boosting the proxy/cache servers intake by >50%
    Some nifty routing involved here, Linux is fun :-)
  • Wednesday 4th June
    Corrected bug in renewals mail out.
  • Tuesday 3rd June
    Upgrade patch for Mountain Mail.
    Telstra have lost the same 2 phone lines again (sigh).
  • Monday 2nd June
    Mods to outside proxy servers.
  • Sunday 1st June
    Upgrade for Mountain Mail to 1.07.

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