The Sysops Log!

"The random musings of a bemused Sysop"

  • Saturday 31st May
    Applied registration to Dnews
  • Thusday 29th May
    Start upgrading the Linux PCs to RedHat 4.2
  • Wednesday 28th May
    Added Fido echo's to the news server. 837 echo's direct from USA.
  • Tuesday 27nd May
    Added the NetObjects Fusion newsgroups to our news server.
  • Saturday 24nd May
    Tracked and fixed (hopefully) a bug that caused PPP logins to not get reminders .
    Tracked a problem that caused this log to not display if it got too long.
    Telstra fixed the line problem.
  • Friday 23nd May
    Wrote a little script to check and reset the proxy.
    Occasionally it was losing sight of it's parent cache server.
  • Thusday 22nd May
    Upgraded the Proxy server - more RAM and more speed.
    Telstra lost 2 lines (3&4).
  • Saturday 17th May
    Great network Quake game, a good time had by all.
    Reset MajorMud and upgraded to version i.
  • Thusday 15th May
    More adjustments to the news server to improve performance.
  • Tuesday 13th May
    Start preparing to twin 2 proxy servers via ISDN link.
  • Saturday 10th May
    Notified at 2:00am of Internet outages to last until lunch time.
    Upgrade Vircom 10 2.10-14.
    Re-Indexed the main Library *.dat files - took hours.
    Setup a bypass proxy to Perth to maintain some WWW traffic until the main feed was back.
  • Friday 9th May
    Upgraded the file library server, it really flies now.
    Started rebuilding the file Libraries. Create all the areas and start loading t he files that have collected in the last week.
    Set up to create a web page of stats then delete the log nightly.
  • Monday 4th May
    Finally nailed Telstra, the missing IP block was due to a typo by them - fixed.
  • Saturday 3rd May
    Traced problem to a missing block of 255 IP numbers being routed to Queensland instead of Ace.
  • Friday 2nd May
    Internet slightly erratic in some areas, very weird.
  • Thursday 1st May
    Upgraded the backup server.
    The 4Gb SCSI file library drive is sick. Taken off-line.
    Backup CD server re-instated.
  • Wednesday 30th April
    Spent a lot of time experimenting and tuning the News server settings.
  • Tuesday 27th April
    Set up a seperate WB-Pro icon for Win 3.1x users.
  • Monday 28th April
    Upgraded the proxy to 1.10
  • Saturday 26th April
    Upgraded the proxy to 1.91
    This caused quite a few hassles and made a 30 minute job take many hours.

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