The Sysops Log!

"The random musings of a bemused Sysop"

  • Wednesday 30th April
    Spent a lot of time experimenting and tuning the News server settings.
  • Tuesday 27th April
    Set up a seperate WB-Pro icon for Win 3.1x users.
  • Monday 28th April
    Upgraded the proxy to 1.10
  • Saturday 26th April
    Upgraded the proxy to 1.91
    This caused quite a few hassles and made a 30 minute job take many hours.
  • Friday 25th April
    Tracked down WGM problem to Mountain Mail, have disabled it until it gets fixed.
  • Thursday 24th April
    Reported back on the sucessful TCP/IP beta.
  • Tuesday 22nd April
    Finally get code for new Kicker, though it seems to be failing still (sigh).
  • Sunday 20th April
    Lots of email to Vircom finally pointed to the problem with the TCP/IP stack.
    Finally have the Worldsock dynamic IPs solved.
    Aliased the router. This also fixed Multi-Homing.
    Upgraded TCP/IP to 10-13 with the beta .dll, waiting for reports from callers.
  • Saturday 19th April
    Another Mountain Mail upgrade, the last one broke for some people.
  • Friday 18th April
    Change Ace IP to
    This causes a few headaches, routing, DNS, and of course M-MUD.
    Ended up calling Canada by phone to get a new key.
    Reconfigure all the IP ranges.
    Upgrade Mountain Mail.
    Upgrade CallTime Pro except they forgot to supply a new key.
  • Thursday 17th April
    Added Multi-Homing
  • Wednesday 16th April
    Downgrade M-MUD back to 1.1h. Added ability for M-MUD players to have 2 characters.
  • Tuesday 15th April
    Upgrade M-MUD to 1.1i - caused a mild stir.
    Add Web Blaster Pro C/S mode for WGM.
  • Monday 14th April
    Start testing a LYNX server for terminal mode Web Browsing.
  • Sunday 13th April
    Upgrade M-MUD to 1.1h
  • Friday 11th April
    Rebuilt INGA DMA server, appreciated by owners, the users probably couldn't care.
  • Wednesday 9th April
    Upgraded M-MUD on the DMA server.
    Downgraded TCP/IP to ver 10-10 (again).
  • Saturday 5th April
    Replaced both the old File storage PC and the CD-ROM host PC.
    Received first black-mail attempt.
    Good news from an old friend :-)
  • Friday 4th April
    Upgraded WorldSock to 3.8I. Upgraded Vircom 20 10-D.
  • Tuesday 1st April
    Restored Ace back to the main Novell server.

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