The Sysops Log!

"Some people believe that having a computer in your car means you are having sex"

OK, so I should have started this a long time ago as it's been a very interesting last 12 months.

  • Monday 31st March
    Full test on main server drive, took about 18 hours and came up clean.
    Problems with Internet traced to a faulty network card at GIST.
    I put a patch on the proxy to get around the problem for now.
  • Friday 28th March
    A friend died today.
  • Thursday 27th March
    Re-Enabled Encryption Manager. Tests were not totally conclusive.
  • Wednesday 26th March
    Disable Encryption Manager for test.
    Upgrade News server to ver 4.r.
    Upgrade MetaKeys
    Upgrade DBS-Mail
    Add GalDiags
  • Sunday 23rd March
    Wrote to suggesting their proxy server "inhales deeply".
    Apparently is having a "scheduled maintenance" from 5:00am to 7:00a m tho service has not yet resumed and its now 7:45am.
  • Saturday 22th March
    Mail to MR regarding Mountain Mail causing WGM to crash upon reloading
    Not totally convinced it is MM causing it, but we have to start somewhere.
  • Friday 21st March
    Finally got the lines sorted out with Telstra. There is still a problem with t he line grouping, but I can live with it for now.
  • Thursday 20th March
    Set news server to cut cross-posts down to 2. Bad documentation on this option , so will have to see if it helps.
  • Wednesday 19th March
    Botanic Gardens to see Puck and the other fairies perform - a good laugh!
  • Monday 17th March
    Mail to Murkworks and Vircom regarding conflict with TCP/IP v.10.12
  • Friday 14th March
    Decided to downgrade the TCP/IP back to the version I had before Monday.
    Appears to have made a signifigant improvement for C/S callers.
    MM-1 was enjoyed by all :-)
  • Thursday 13th March
    After running dual proxies overnight I have cut back to the original PC though it now has a different name in preparation for adding a 2nd DNS capability.
  • Wednesday 12th March
    Trashed the Proxy drive. Fast lesson in "aliasing" Linux servers enabled a fas t fix.
    Total re-install of the Proxy, good chance to upgrade it to RH 4.1 anyway. Als o added the latest copy of Squid and learnt a lot about User Properties.
  • Monday 10th March
    Install upgrade to Vircom TCP/IP
  • Thursday 27th February
    Final stage of GIST relocation means we will be without Inet until tea time - d epending when you have tea.

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