The Sysops Log!

"The random musings of a bemused Sysop"

OK, so I should have started this a long time ago as it's been a very interesting last 12 months.

  • Thursday 27th February
    Final stage of GIST relocation means we will be without Inet until tea time - depending when you have tea.
  • Wednesday 26th February
    Brief power outage! The Email database was corrupted, restored from Backup Server and a full re-index of all data files.
    Upgrades at GITS cause loss of Internet connectivity for the rest of the morning, expected to be back around 02:30pm.
  • Friday 21st February
    Mainly spent on Linux, learning and testing for future enhancements to Ace.
    Lots of problems getting RAM for a couple of systems.
  • Thursday 20th February
    Installed upgrade to M-TCP/IP - supposed to improve performance a bit.
    News server is working well, tested the auto-redial - all working fine.
  • Wednesday 19th February
    Minor panic with the news server though it turned out the feed from Perth was down for a few hours.
    Fortunately I didn't mess with the settings too much in the meantime.
    Installed an upgrade to Mountain Mail.
  • Tuesday 18th February
    New news feed activated, though had to totally re-install the news server.
    Ace now has access to over 9500 news groups and it seems to be flowing smoothly.
  • Monday 17th February
    Negotiated a new feeder for newsgroups, should be online in the next day or so.
    Finally received the new key for MUD si it's back online again.
  • Friday 14th February
    Tidied the routes a little, discovered the proxy server had power management enabled tho it probably wouldn't get time to go to sleep very often.
  • Thursday 13th February
    Cut over to the new IP address's. Ace is now and all the user IPs now come from the network.
    Reconfigured all the local servers.
  • Tuesday 11th February
    Re-Cabled part of the LAN as a precautionary matter.
    Preporatory work for changing to the new IP numbers.
  • Monday 10th February
    Network crash :-( Spent 4 hours re-indexing, doing backups to spare server and putting in place more crash recovery procedures.
    Adjusted Ding-Dong.
    Entertained PG for a while after he lost the debate about Sex/Men with JM
  • Sunday 9th February
    Test run the news via WWW pages, works well, check the new "Read NEWS" item on the Ace home page.
    It still needs a lot of work, mainly having to manually set it up for whatever groups we want to make available via the web.
  • Saturday 8th February
  • Friday 7th February
    Messed around with NT multilink mainly.
  • Thursday 6th February
    Start serious work on a primary DNS server - thanks to AB.
    Conversion planned for Monday, so will need to notify everyone of the new DNS n umbers.
  • Wednesday 5th February
    Full data re-index after a couple of crashes, took about an hour.
    Also used the time to test NT as a gateway and router with much success, but no t trusting it fully went back to Linux after an hour or so.
  • Tuesday 4th February
    Full backup onto spare Novell server.
    Re-Install the old version of the kicker, change the load order and tested - OK
    Couldn't think of a nicer person to test it on either! Thanks Joe :-)
    If this works for a day or two, I will try the new version again, MP won't be too impressed :-)
  • Monday 3rd February
    Testing to allow non-inet callers to have access to Ace Web pages, looks promising, but will need a bit of fiddling still.
    Installed a Linux news server, running pretty well, though a couple of parameters seem to be missing compared to the NT version. The news server should now be fairly permanent (ha!) at
    Tidied up the backup Novell server.
  • Sunday 2nd February
    Tested a new setup that will allow Ace callers to use the Quake server without needing Internet access.
    Installed 2Gb drive into backup Novell server and started transferring files.
  • Saturday 1st February
    The life of a sysop is not all PC's. Replaced water pump in Assist sysops car. Many thanks to PG for doing all the dirty work :-)
    OK, so I only criticised and held a spanner.....
    Assembled a new PC for more Linux functionality.
    Recieved some network cards and cables courtesy of StIg.
    Mobile phone courtesy of MB - thanks :-)

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