The Sysops Log!

"The random musings of a bemused Sysop"

OK, so I should have started this a long time ago as it's been a very interesting last 12 months.

  • Friday 31st January
    Had 9 hours sleep, that probably gets me into about the middle of January, but its not bad having a crisp start to a new day.
    Installed new CD Juke box while old one gets repaired.
    Replaced 4-way switch box with one that has mouse support - wrong cables were supplied with it :-(
  • Thursday 30th January
    Very busy day!
    2 trips to Elizabeth for client, no sleep since Tuesday night.
    Further negotiations regarding radio link.
  • Wednesday 29th January
    Start installing the first of 2 Linux PC's for school.
    Starting to actually enjoy Linux :-)
  • Tuesday 28th January
    Not a lot to show for the day Ace wise.
    Checked for updates, tuned the proxy and news servers a little.
    Lots of Linux reading.
  • Monday 27th January
    Run tests on Linux news server, working OK so far.
    Long chat on why the sysop is an &r$[H*|[ with a caller.
    Installed a new fan in main Ace PC - old one was getting noisy.
    Re-Index all data files - a long job.
    Run tests on placing the DMA files on the Novell server.
    All this before 07:30am. Gonna be one of _those_ days. Nah, be an optimist :-)
  • Sunday 26th January
    Started getting creative with the Ace Home Page.
    Had a fracas with a twonk user - suspended for 7 days.
    Started a test install of the news server under Linux.
  • Saturday 25th January
    Rebuilt the news server - still in testing but available as
    Upgrade TCP/IP to Version 10-6
  • Friday 24th January
    More fiddling/testing with the news server.
    Interesting little outburst from a favoured user.
  • Thursday 23rd January
    Recieved 4 Class C's for Ace - Yay!
    Upgraded Web Blaster
    Upgraded TCP/IP
    Upgraded the proxy server software.
    Lots of hardware work.
    Ended up having a bit of a rage, think we all needed it after the recent workload.

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