Wisp 20' beach cruiser, graceful and refined 
    Photos (c) Kevin Woods

"Wisp" is described in Bolger's "30-Odd Boats" (see the In Print pages).  It's a car-toppable double-ender with an elegant sloop rig, and curves everywhere, designed for cold-moulding.  All who see one like the looks very much. "Anybody who doesn't has no romance in her soul."


Kevin Woods (Calgary, Alberta, Canada) has sent out the following crie de couer (sp? I was a Latin scholar myself...):

"Based on the underwhelming number of Wisp sightings, I'd suggest that there may be a few out there - but I've only heard from one - the owner of "Casper" the friendly Wisp.  I'm still in the construction process, but I'd be pleased to see an interest group spawned, so that we could at least find out where we are."


Any Wisps, email Kevin (and send us a photo of a Wisp complete and in sail, too!).

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