Large Crews

We've sailed with maximum crews of 5 actives, and 4 actives + 2 passengers. Where there are more than 2, someone in the bilges is essential if other boats are about, because from the helm this boat (to leeward) is blind as a bat and twice as fast. Shorthanded, the lifts on the main need to be shortened for helm visibility until clear of close traffic.

A reasonable arrangement for a six-person mid-teens crew, from the bow aft, would be:

Bowman: Jib halyard, fore halyards, lookout, boathooker

2nd: Foresheet, jibsheet handler

3rd: Main halyards, staysail halyard, staysail handler

4th: Main sheet cleater (also used to help with fore- and jib-sheet cleats), staysail sheet, lookout

5th: Mainsheet handler, 2nd helmsman

Helmsman: Helm, motor setup and control

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