Where to get your timber

If you don't know your timbers well, you'll have greater peace of mind if you get them from a specialty marine timber supplier...but you'll pay for it too. Exterior grade ply and good quality framing timber from the local lumber yard can work well if you can pick the pieces you want. It's your choice and your consequences.

You'll find extended discussion on types of ply and pro's and cons on Craig O'Donnell's plywood FAQ. Mainly North American, but principles apply elsewhere too.

LumberyardHere's where Flying Tadpole II's timber came from. Although we were running around crying cheep cheep, the final quality was adequate:

Framing: 90-year old douglas fir, perfect and close grain, from a demolished house. Speak to your neighbours about this one...

Ply: tropical hardwood ply between exterior grade and full marine grade from a specialty supplier.

Masts, spars and long stringers: select douglas fir, close- and straight grained, no knots AT ALL, from the local lumber yard. This needed five visits, each time going through their entire stock of 4x2s to pick eight pieces!

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