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Light Schooner logoWe've split our links list into two. On this page, the specific Light Schooner (and Folding Schooner) links, and some more general sites. Our links to other Bolger designs on the web continue to grow, so we've moved them to a separate page.

Light Schooners and close relatives:

You too can build a Light Schooner in your small 3rd floor apartment! Gives "live for boats" a whole new meaning. Pictures and text of the finishing. You can start at the extraction from his 3rd floor apartment. A real house-on-fire effort (you know, people runing around screaming, gibbering in the corner, mayhem, terrorised neighbours).   Also, the Maiden Voyage (powered) of Allison Might, in which the intrepid Jim also discovers the joys of living with a Seagull, subsequently replaced by an electric thingummy. Sadly, Allison Might is no more, potlatched with a bad case of rot.

One month to build a light schooner if you happen to be Gregg Carlson, a compulsive BolgerBoat constructor. Doesn't leave the rest of us with much excuse for not starting...more pics and info on this page

Model scooner with a cuddy cabin. Tim Webber's photo: the full-size version was built by Roger Harlow at Corpus Christi, Texas.

Small Wooden Boat Association of Nova Scotia: Got to be Small Wooden Boats because it's not a Small Association! All you West Atlantic seaboard people thinking about schooners, this association is where the action is. Newsletters, websites, photo galleries - look them up... they also sail even more outrageous boats than this one...

SCUZBUMS : Or, the South California Small Boat Messabout Society. Three light schooners, a club of mostly home boat builders. No longer need the East Pacific seaboard feel inferior to the West Atlantic. Why can't I persuade someone to build some competition locally? (If you're really after blood check out the photo of Ruby Slipper but make sure you come back here...

Mahone Bay Wooden Boat Festival: festival news, photos, and Light Schooners featured!

Folding Schooner The Light Schooner's ancestor. 30' long and uses a 15 ft trailer. Some sailing photos now. We're waiting for the West Australian desert salt lake version to launch, too.

Jochems Family Schooner  In the same genus with an equivalent rig to the Light Schooner, but accommodation and 5000 lb displacement. Still easily trailable, a truly cunning boat. (Infinite headroom in the full-length combined cabin/cockpit).

Cruising and Camp Cruising:

Cruising dinghies and trailer sailers. We do camp-cruise Flying Tadpole but haven't written up the cruising for reasons stated elsewhere. Bill Serjeant has created a website for all the pleasant, small boat cruising and camping which never seems to feature in the glossy ads. This is what most of us really do - have a look and send him your quiet cruising, or even your unquiet cruising stories. (We've forgiven him for copying our copyright warning page, which was a bit cheeky...could at least have changed the font...).

The Shallow Water Sailor pages are worth a visit for no fuss shallow water cruising.

Our favourite links pages:

The mother of all links page: You name it, it's, ships, suppliers, literature, links, classes, it just goes on... and this is only part of John Kohnen's maritime, freshwater, boats, ships, literature etcetc offering. If something's not listed here then it doesn't exist, and what's more, never did!

Boating resources page: Andrew Lewis's useful linkage page has a bias toward traditional designs and sailing, but hey, so do we... search engines, resources, links all neatly classified by topic and easy to navigate through.

Mark Rosenstein's sailing page: the original best reference and directory sailing site and still worth referring to.


BIG Schooners:

Schooners sailing the web: A directory of every schooner (almost) with a web page. Photo, link and "life" summary. Lots of big schooners, but there are smaller schooners around than the Light Schooner.
SchoonerMan: Schooners, schooners!!! The definitive list for schooner links and information. And other tall ships, traditional and modern, and the people who sailed them.

Flying Tadpole's part of the world:

Goolwa Regatta Yacht Club: More info on our part of the world, Murray Lakes race programs and results, and besides we have to be nice to them or they might bump our handicap up (further)... tho' sadly, Flying Tadpole II no longer features at the top of the Milang-Goolwa race pages...time moves on...

Big River Website : Our cruising grounds are in the tail end of Australia's biggest river system. This expanding website will eventually take you all the way up. But if you collide with a houseboat, please make sure first its not one we have a share in...

Appetite whetting:

The Boatbuilding Community: boat building, design, and repair resource for amateur and professional custom boatbuilders..

Messing about in boats: Lots of interest, useful bits and pieces, cross-links, Bolger on design. You can subscribe to the hardcopy magazine which has a =lot= more stuff in it. Cheap, too.

WoodenBoat Magazine: The font of wisdom... indexes, store catalogues, news, forum. Perfectionists will be happier here

The Cheap Pages: Craig O'Donnell's compendium of polytarp sails, junk rigs, plywood boats, the Bolger Boat honour roll, proas, other things... new

Other Bolger designs:new

Small boats, big boats, round boats, square boats, blunt ends, sharp ends, sail, motor, sweaty palms...the number of Bolger designs on the web are starting to get out of hand so we've segregated them. By my calculations there are only about 750 designs to go yet. Click here for the links

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