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Here for your convenience, arrayed in all their splendour, are the Light Schooner exploits formerly buried in the murky depths of this website. This easy-find waste of space comes to you through the generosity of Ace Internet, the classiest board in the country (plug).

Most of the stories come from the trials and tribulations of Flying Tadpole II 's racing career, even though racing isn't her purpose in life. The reason for this is that tales of mayhem, prejudice, carnage, terror, hubris, pride, fate, jealousy, vindictiveness, disasters, struggle against the odds, humiliation and vendettas all seem to go down with an audience so much better than descriptions of idyllic cruises in spiritually satisfying surrounds undertaken by people and boats in the ultimate of cosmic harmony.

If you want the idyll, leave this site now and read Wind in the Willows again.

Authors' note: Some critics have cruelly accused the author(s) of exaggeration. Be it said, these tales are true in all important and significant respects. We admit to having toned down the reality in some cases, for fear it wouldn't be believed...

The Milang-Goolwa from behind: the ultimate maiden voyage
The Goolwa-Milang from in front: the first and greatest victory
Life in the swamp: a dark and gothic view of hubris, hype, inattention and the inevitable outcome
Getting there...: sometimes the hardest thing to do is to start doing...
Cockroach Trek: the Next Generation: at least it got Flying Tadpole refitted
The Black Hole of Pt Sturt: where whole fleets vanish behind the event horizon 
Zen and the art of Seagull Outboard operation: or survival tests using old outboards.
Flying Tadpole the First: Ancient history...but there had to be one, didn't there?

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