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Best Flying Tadpole II to windward, racing mode, explanations of setup and trim (best available photo - the boat is usually too fast and photos get blurred...) Photo © 'Dusty' Gray
Surfin' Scooners
Five minutes in the life of the forward hand as the race-maddened skipper tries to drive Flying Tadpole under in worsening weather. (We risked life, limb and boat to bring you these action shots, so you'd better vist them...ever noticed how all boat shots are calm water? Ever wondered why? Well, here's your answer). 
"Spirit of Mahone" in action, Mahone Bay schooner races 1998... Photo © Peter Bevan
Staysail Chas Andrew's schooner in light airs with a main staysail up. Note, no sharks in these waters...Photo © Chas Andrews
Click Me Paul and Kathi Klopfenstein's Ruby Slipper, definitely a scarlet woman, red sails in the sunset etc... (This is a link to another site, use the BACK button of your browser to return. Don't be distracted by other boats there)
Click Me A light schooner (Spirit of Mahone?) improving waterfront real estate values... new (This is a link to another site, use the BACK button of your browser to return)
Scooner Close up Scooner, port bow Photo © DH Fatchen
Scooner Close up Scooner, port quarter. Note sail window for helmspeople who don't trust their lookouts...Photo © Chas Andrews
Close up Scooner, stbd bow. FT2 about to run out of wind and water. The foregaff vang is on a little too hard, but as the wind has just departed, it's academic...Photo © Graham Cheers
Singlehander rig: a trepid Flying Tadpole II setting out into a not-so-good 20-mile beat to windward, under reefed main only in anchorage...
Racing Best possible conditions, lots of wind, flat water, other light schooners to race. Note the use of the laziness rig (jib and main, avoids reefing, perfectly balanced). Mahone Bay Scooner race 1997 (Photo courtesy Small Wooden Boat Association of Nova Scotia)
running You won't find this setup in the textbooks...running with wind bouncing from reefed main to staysail to foresail. Note rooster tail starting and tightrope-walking helmsman's arm slowly dislocating 
Match racing at Mahone Bay, 1998. Photo © Peter Bevan
Match racing at Mahone Bay, 1998. Photo © Peter Bevan
bye for now Goolwa-Milang 1993 - what the fleet looked like in the rear-vision mirror (gloat...)Photo © N Fatchen 
ripping Goolwa-Milang 1997 - fore and reefed main squared off, black concrete underlay staysail heaving, overtaking an exploded mainsail 
spooking Just to set the scale (a bit blurry). The tiny square sail on right is Flying Tadpole II spooking her competitors as she starts passing manouevres 
The daggerboard makes a good mooring brake and temporary anchor. Note where skipper is standing...
More demonstrations of initial stability: Flying Tadpole II at anchor prior to 1999 Goolwa-milang race start, with all four crew standing up and milling about...
Midships detail, securing for heavy weather (do you wear your PFD in your boat? if not why not?) 
The rest of Stephen Devines building and maiden sails  Photo © Stephen Devine 
motoring Light schooner at 4 knots under motor Photo © DH Fatchen 
trailer Road trailing rig Photo © TJ Fatchen
Building Tips! (Also, cardboard models; construction photos as available etc etc)

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