Some differences from Payson's Instant Boatbuilding

The schooner should be built with epoxy, both for gluing and for hull sealing. Permanent fasteners aren't needed except in a few odd places where it's convenient, and for attaching hardware. This is a bit different from the older-style Instant Boat construction methods, a result of rampant technology...

ScrewDynamite Payson uses other glues and relies heavily on anchor nails. So wherever Weldwood and nails are mentioned, assume fortified epoxy and temporary fasteners such as Philips-head wallboard screws or clamps. The epoxy is used as ordinary glues would be, between stringers and frames and the ply. There are very few places where epoxy fillets are needed or desirable: it's not that sort of a design.

Wallboard screws make good temporary fasteners. From ply scrap, cut up a heap of 40 to50 mm square pieces with a hole drilled in the middle. These are used as pressure-spreading pads and softening to prevent the screw heads marking your boatwork.

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