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Not updated yet but there are a couple of splashy photos of the AS29 in chop. Go in through the front door

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Since we put this bit of info up, we've had NO MORE REQUESTS asking for free plans of various boats.  So we're keeping it here to ensure this happy state of affairs continues... text is courtesy of and (c) Alexander Auerbach...

I've decided to quit my job and build a great big sailboat, and need a little help.

Does anyone know where I can find free plans?  Please don't tell me to go to a library, because reading all those books is a lot of work.  As a matter of fact, if you know a designer who will create a set of plans for precisely the boat I want, for free, that would be quite nice.

I realise the plans are a small part of the total cost of the boat.  Therefore I would also like to know of anyone who will donate the materials I will need.  I could cut down some trees and find someone to mill them for me, but that's even more work than going to the library, and I really want a modern boat.  If you have a really large supply of carbon fibre, that would be ideal, but I would settle for the right assortment of fibreglass.

You will also have to come up with the engine, plumbing, electronics, lighting and other gear I need, plus of course the masts (I'd really like two, thanks very much) and sails.  Dacron if that's the best you can do, but I really think I deserve kevlar.

Now I realise that building a sailboat of a size adequate for my needs is a major project, and of course I don't plan to do it alone.  In fact I am much better at organising than at working with my hands, so for those of you who really want to get lots of great practical experience with boatbuilding, this is your chance.  if you can't spare the time to help, but can supply the boatyard space (actually, I will require a heated, well-lighted work area), or have several tons of lead for the keel, I'd be willing to accept that.

I plan to name her Self Reliant.  Launch date is set for April 1.

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