Roger Keyes' seagoing Micro, "Paloma Blanca" SquareBoats


The world's most adventurous Micro, Great Southern Ocean and all. You'll hear more about it in the Square Boats page, but we thought we'd preview...

coming in

Paloma Blanca was built and is run on a shoe-string. Among other things, she's totally devoid of engines, and so avoids mooring fees, registration fees, licence fees, pollution etc. Roger is an immaculate handler, after a somewhat maculate start. Here, the boat is coming in on mizzen at about 6 knots onto a lee pontoon crowded with everyone's varnished joy and pride at the Goolwa Wooden Boat Festival, March 1999. Sorry there's no video - Roger spun her at the last moment, with her boomkin clearing the assembled boats by 4" (intentional), then sailed her neatly backward into her slot. Who needs motors?


This is a very basic boat. The photo captured his trusty kerosene lamp (heater, cabin light, anchor light) but not, alas, the baked beans provisions.

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