Jochems Family Schooner
Bill Jochems' prototype "Sapphire" on her trials
Building photos of Bjorn Harbo's #2 in Oslo
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Sailing reefed
Snugged down to the heavy weather reefed main, fore, jib down on Lake Mead
Photo (c) Susanne Altenburger
Bolger's design #639.  Prototype built by Bill Jochems and sailing on Lake Mead, and a second now in advanced construction by Bjorn Harbo in Oslo.  The Jochems Schooner combines a lot of Bolger trademarks:
  • a Birdwatcher-type combined cabin/cockpit, allowing lots of cabin room, a raised deck, protection, great views through the picture windows, infinite standing head room (battened down for dirty weather)
  • a head! (well, we used to suffer without one...)
  • Masts permanently in tabernacle for ease of rigging/derigging. Tabernacles are offset slightly and the whole thing just folds neatly down
  • Water ballast: security and self-righting afloat, lightness for trailing
  • Leeboards for simplicity
  • And of course the cat schooner rig and some hull resemblances to the Light Schooner!
Rigged, mooredFollowing photos variously (c) John Stickney or Bill Jochems (files are relatively small so we haven't bothered with thumbnails)

Parked with the long centreline hatch closed.

port bowTabernacles are angled and masts are offset for rapid folding down without conflicts.  The offset masts are not obtrusive.  The boat is very roomy: real size indicated by the figure in the open portion on the combined cockpit/cabin near the stern.

masts loweredBoth masts swung down in tabernacle.  Plough anchor at bow.

trailing rigOn the trailer. With water ballast, the boat is light enough to be towed by a mid-size (not huge) car.  Stepladder is part of the trail rig.  Missing are the umbrella and naval officer (the other two items one should never have on a sailboat).

headDogs not compulsory but the portaloo is welcome...
Hull bottom and b'headsThe Jochems Family Schooner uses Instant Boats-type construction. The Bill Jochems prototype was shed built; Bjorn Harbo's #2 is being built under the shade of an Oslo tree (brrr..). Photo of early construction fo the Harbo boat on a ladder frame: bulkheads a mixture of final and rough. Photo (c) Bjorn Harbo

Hull sidesHull side panels in position  Photo (c) Bjorn Harbo

B'head detailBulkhead detail Photo (c) Bjorn Harbo

Sheer clamps and cabin sideSheer clamps in place, cabin side in place but not yet cut for windows Photo (c) Bjorn Harbo

Sheer clamps in place.  Slightly different order of working to the Harbo boat. Photo (c) Bill Jochems

corridorLooking from the open stern through the full-length cabin  Photo (c) Bill Jochems
cabinDetail of the raised deck and central walkway.Photo (c) Bill Jochems
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