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amazon.comAll books referred to on this page live on our shelves and are falling apart from overuse....hardbacks are the best investment if you can get them!   Some of those listed are out of print (sigh...).  Others may be available from your local specialist bookseller, but if you want to buy on line, the "Buying Online" links take you to the relevant page at
LSlogo Books on the Light Schooner herself:
Philip C. Bolger (1982). 30-Odd Boats. International Marine Publishing Company, Camden, Maine. ISBN 0-87742-152-8 The Light Schooner is one of the 30-odd. You'll get most of this information in the following book, but the rest is a good read too.  Out-of-print, but you may pick up a second-hand one.
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Harold H. Payson (1985). Build the New Instant Boats. Stanford Maritime Ltd, London. ISBN 0-540-07315-6. (UK, Australia. In the US, same book but published by International Marine). Available everywhere. Instant boats
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The how-to-build book. There is a wealth of information in this book on building this sort of boat. Technologies have now swung to the use of epoxy rather than the original nail, glue, polyester and fibreglass tape systems, but this simply means that even a hopeless carpenter can succeed if he\she\it follows the plans.

Specific Scooner building instructions, other than the making of spars, may seem a bit sparse, but this is because it's the last of a slew of boats in the book and all the techniques are covered in the earlier pages. But if this is your first boat building attempt then you really should have someone holding your hand, or try one of the smaller boats in the book. If it's not your first, then you'll manage fine.

DON'T build from the drawings in this book alone-it's not that you can't, because we did, but we would have been smarter to buy the FULL-SIZE plans... BUT... you really need this book if you're thinking about building.  Also, see HH Payson's catalog.

HH Payson's Build the Instant Catboat is also strongly recommended as a really good source of information on making spars.  The catboat spars are very similar to the Light Schooner's, by the way.  catboat
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LSlogo Light Schooner study plans:
HH Payson & Co online catalogue has a downloadable study plan.

Duck Flat-Wooden Boats (1993) Duck Flat-Wooden Boats: A Book of dreams. Shop catalogue, Adelaide.
Study plans and large b&w photographs. Available from Duck Flat  at $AUS25 + postage (in Australia, $AUS5 for express post. Overseas postage costs vary--write them and ask).

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LSlogo Light Schooner full plans:
All plans are available from Phil Bolger & Friends  at:
Phil Bolger & Friends, Inc.
PO Box 1209
Gloucester, MA 01930 USA
Fax 508-282-1349

or from

HH Payson & Co
Harold H. Payson & Co.
Pleasant Beach Road
South Thomaston, Maine 04858
ph. (207) 594-7587
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LSlogo Light Schooner reviews and other publications:
Build Romance Into Your Life Australian Amateur Boat Builder Vol 2 Issue 2 (Spring 1993)
A brilliant, truthful, informative and erudite plug review

Youth Afloat - a launching of significance Australian Amateur Boat Builder No. 15 (Spring 1996)
A brief description of the building and launching of Adrenaline (Shoalhaven Police-Citizens Youth Club)

Australian Amateur BoatBuilder is available from most Australian newsagents, 3-4 times a year, currently AUS $5.95. Other countries, contact Australian Amateur BoatBuilder, PO Box 1254, Burleigh Heads, Qld 4220, Australia for copies or subscriptions. Back issues or article copies are available.

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LSlogo Other Bolger schooners
While you're at it, there is a fleet of relatives to the Light Schooner designed by Phil Bolger. If you like the schooner feel but want accommodation and self-righting without going to big schooners, have a good look at the Jochems Family Schooner. Or go the whole hog and commission a custom design for precisely what you want. Contact:
Phil Bolger & Friends, Inc.
PO Box 1209
Gloucester, MA 01930 USA
Fax 508-282-1349
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LSlogo Square Boats and other Bolger designs
Bolger's latest book "Boats with an Open Mind" International Marine 1994 ISBN 0-07-006376-1 has a selection of 75 designs, varying from the elegant to the pugnacious to the downright challenging...  Great value, especially as Bolger is both honest with his appraissal and clear in teaching the non-specialist about what makes a good design.  If you've waded this far through these websites, you'll want this at your pillow... open mind
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LSlogo Other recommended readings
Phil Bolger . 100 Small Boat Rigs. H.H. Payson & Co., South Thomaston, Maine. ISBN 1-887222-01-4.
This extraordinary book is back out of print again.  However, there is a new edition (103 Small Boat Rigs) for which we have neither the price nor the ISBN, but which we understand can be ordered from Phil Bolger & Friends,.  If you want to really understand the rigs of all these boats, buy this book.   Light Schooner fans: study the sections on cat-schooners and schooners generally.
100 rigs
Order from Phil Bolger & Friends
Gaff Rig Handbook (John Leather) and Hand Reef and Steer (Tom Cunliffe) are the two best references for anyone getting to grips with gaff - no question, no argument.  gaff righand reef and steer
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Thinking big?  Liveaboarding (heaven forfend..)? or more rationally, weekending in larger boats? There's a huge amount of throughtful information in Annie Hill's Voyaging on a Small Income.  And there's still useful stuff in the original, Maurice Griffith's Sailing on a Modest Income Annie HillM-G
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If and only if you're in the US, "Sailing for Dummies" is a great book for novices to hide below and frequently consult!   (We mean it about only in the US...) demise
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