Here's Flying Tadpole II's maiden voyage, in thirteen easy-to-follow steps

Race route 1992

[A] Enter your boat, which you can't yet sail, into a major race. Make sure you're still building the boat at 6am on race morning and wait for the winds to hit 25 knots
[B] Arrive 15 minutes late for the race start and sit on a hot outboard exhaust.
[C] Keep well clear of the rest of the fleet
[D] Learn the ropes and the meaning of terror
[E] Tell the rescue craft you don't need rescuing...yet
[F] Wave happily to the spotter aircraft which is trying to sheepdog you
[G] There's a beacon here...pity it's nowhere near the course
[H] Apologise to Water Police for not wearing an L-plate
[I] Try to get through the racing gate
[J] Start actually sailing properly!!!
[K] Run aground
[L] Run aground again
[M] Arrive at finish 7 hours after the start and 1 hour behind the second-last boat

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