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 Light schooner logoWARNING: The scooner is an open boat. She was designed essentially for protected waters. She is NOT a sea-going boat. Stay away from anything with "ocean" or "sea" or "strait" in its name and be wary with anything labelled "Gulf" or "Great" as well.

You can expect to capsize her if you are foolish enough to drive her in strong winds, with major waves, and with inexperienced or incompetent crews and especially helmspeople. But use her for the waters she was designed for in reasonable conditions and she will be a real delight.

We accept NO liability for anyone idiot enough to emulate the more risky voyages described here. Once was enough - take warning.

YOU are responsible for YOUR actions in YOUR boat.

The Light Schooner web pages have been compiled for fun and a bit of potentially useful information. We take no responsibility for any person building or sailing these boats and we accept no liability for consequences of following suggestions in these pages. The suggestions all have worked for us, they may not work for you. Sailing a boat, any boat, requires a degree of commonsense and experience. We do not suggest that anyone attempt to sail in some of the weather conditions we have met-we don't want to repeat the experience either.

Similarly, the SquareBoats! web pages have been compiled largely as an information resource.  We take no responsibility for any person building or sailing these boats and we accept no liability for consequences of following any comments, suggestions or opinions in these pages.

Links in Bolger Boats in the Web and other links provided on the Light Schooner and SquareBoats! websites are offered in good faith but without any liability or warranty, implied or express. We have no control over external sites.  Linked pages have been visited before inclusion on the links lists, and did not at the time contain any offensive material at the time of visit. If you encounter offensive material on linked sites, email us for action.

Photographs are copyright© of whoever's name is on the photo. Photographs must not be re-used without the written permission of the copyright holder. Email us with requests and we'll forward them.

Most of the text and all other illustrations are copyright © TJ Fatchen 1992-1999, or © NJ Fatchen 1999.  Text udner other individuals' copyright is acknowledged on relevant web pages. You may download and re-use graphics other than photographs provided they are not used for profit (same requirements as for Microsoft and other "free" clipart libraries). Portions of stories first appeared in Australian Amateur BoatBuilder and in Crows Nest (Wooden Boat Association of South Australia), copyright © TJ Fatchen 1992-1996.

Actual designs of Bolger boats are variously in the ownership or copyright of HH Payson & Co, Phil Bolger & Friends, Common Sense Boats or International Marine (see "in print"). The full profile water level drawings of the Light Schooner are taken from the small-scale profile plans in Instant Boats.

These pages were originally produced using Microsoft Word with Internet Assistant, with grateful thanks to Asha Dornfest (1996), "Do it yourself Web Publishing", SYBEX, San Francisco.  Some still are.  Bits have been put together by Netscape Composer and a Beta-test version of FrontPage, others with an abacus.  Working in HTML through Microsoft Word is still the safest.....

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