Thinking About Building?

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"...wooden boat building must be one of the longest ongoing processes known to creative man. When it's quiet and there is time to listen, murmurs of continuity can be heard through the static of our "advanced" civilisation: the connections are still there." Robert Jones, US architect and sharpie builder.

"If there is a collective consciousness, it gets around in a wooden boat." John Emery, Australian writer.

Yes, finally, here are some basic hints provided in kind and charitable response to those threatening emails demanding building tips.

This isn't a complete how-to-build because (a) this is an equal opportunity website and you too need moments of misery for the good of your soul; (b) our server hasn't got room; (c) sloth and lethargy overwork prevents us from doing it.

If you are seriously building, ie you have the books, you have the plans and you're buying the timber, email us and we'll think about it. If you aren't actually starting, you don't need more than the published book and plans. If you email us for more details and you aren't building, the piranhas about to appear in your toilet bowl will be very angry. Hungry, too...

We have Stephen Devine's short account of building ready and waiting for you, with photos.

Two excellent sets of building photos and commentaries are also available:
Jim Evans' Allison Might
Gregg Carlson's superfast construction

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