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No, we're not totally destitute but--

This website has shifted from a labour of love to something of a labour...there's lots of good material on it, which we don't want to drop, but we're out of space.  And after seven (7) years of keeping it going, we've ended up a bit slack in updates and other things.

Now, we're getting the site back up to date and slowly, slowly updating BUT...

This website still chews up resources we're finding harder to carry ourselves, as retirement looms ever closer.  And we don't believe a website like this should even think about demanding subscriptions.  So if you've enjoyed the site, throw a dollar or two into the cap from time to time.  Who knows? One day we might even be able to afford a domain name...

Here's what your donation will NOT do!

--give you any special privileges
--get your link onto this website
--guarantee frequent updates
--gain you fame or fortune
--give you a tax deduction

Here's what your donation WILL do!

--give you a warm inner glow
--help keep the website on the web
--ensure the conscience-stricken Tadpole does actually update from time to time
--help pay for expanded material further down the track

You can make a donation through PayPal, using PayPal or credit cards.  Donations run through TJ Fatchen & Associates which is our partnership business. $1.00 or more.  How about $10? $100?? $1000??? No? Just thought we'd ask...

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