AS-39 Ocean-going liveaboard cruising sharpie 
A truly serious cruising boat. This one is "Wizard", formerly owned by Bob Archibald . Photos: Mike Stockstill
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    37'9" x 7'10",  ballasted, 13" draft (offcentreboard up), 40.7 sq m main; reaching spinnaker can be fitted. Unstayed mast, couterweighted in tabernacle - at home on canals as well as sailing! Note the "Loose Moose" sail insignia!  Photos  (c) Mike Stockstill
    forest beachWizard  is the #2 AS39, a sister ship to the ocean-crossing Loose Moose. This is an affordable mansion of a boat, set up for serious cruising, loads of living room, lots of deck space. She was professionally built a few years ago for Bob Archibald, using marine ply and West System epoxy. The AS39's extreme shallow draft allows the boat to explore coves and private anchorages that other boats this size, and a lot smaller, just can't do.  In the event of bad weather, just put the boat on the beach, or anchor in 2' of water and walk to shore.  In mid-ocean, Loose Moose II demonstrated the design to be capable, kindly, and fast.
    AS39 deck

    The deck area is spacious, offering many handholds and many areas for solid footing. The seatbacks in the cockpit contain long storage areas.  The deck is also high: as with the AS29, think seriously about preventing going overboard, and how to get back up if you do...

    below, aft looking fwd

    Below decks, the Bolger plans provide, from aft forwards, double-berth stateroom, study with two desks and settee, moderate galley area, large head and shower/small bath area, main saloon with settee berths port and starboard, large storerooms either side of the cantilevered mast's well. 

    Below, fwd looking aft
    Wizard has only minor departures from the original plans, a matter of detailing  (eg the study settee is a full berth length instead of a 2-person settee) rather than the tendency of some builders to indulge in radical changes.  Wizard is painted white below decks to maximise available light, the finish relieved with stencilling and varnished wood trim.  We've had to go this way too with Lady Kate, our AS29 - gaboon ply is nice in moderation, but it's dark, dark in quantity. When you really want dark, draw the portlight curtains!
    saloon and storage
    Vital in a true liveaboard, the AS39 has lots of storage. Photo shows the starboard forward storeroom beyond the saloon's starboard settee bunk. Cavernous...  Note the fan - Wizard is Florida based, and accordingly provided with electric fans below deck for additional comfort. But both the AS29 and AS39 designs have very good ventilation indeed - none of this opening hatches to be greeted with a superheated blast of stale air scented with polyester...
    fwd desk

    The forward desk in the study.  There's another facing aft, out of frame.

    aft storage

    More storage aft in the main stateroom (portside, looking aft).

    Here are some of Bob Archibald's comments on her features: 
    • Wizard used an electric start Yamaha high-thrust 9.9 four stroke engine with a remote control mounted right on the tiller for ease of handling. The four=stroke is environmentally friendly, quieter, offers better fuel economy, and swings an oversize propeller at a slower speed than a normal 9.9 horsepower engine. This results in a motor that takes a bigger bite out of the water and gives much more control over the boat.  Control is needed, since in shallow water with her board up there's a lot of windage.  I put in a custom link to the tiller so that both the engine and the rudder steer the boat under power. 
    • Lewmar ball bearing blocks and low-stretch running rigging, a necessity for a single sail of this size.
    • Lifelines fitted to avoid the falling-overboard syndrome;  and a (detachable) stainless steel swim ladder mounted on the transom 
    • 3 anchors, 2 rodes, and fenders (serious equipment, necessary in a boat this size)
    • Matching bimini and sail cover, both new, vital for sunny climes 
    • A "Sun-Mar" composting toilet was fitted
    • Bulkhead arrangement in the design allows for a lot of privacy - this is a big boat.
    The AS39 is a really serious boat, not a weekender and not repeat not a cheapie daysailer.  Don't launch into the building of one without a lot of forethought!   In the end, Bob found the big, big boat a bit too big for his purposes and age, hence the sale.  He also found it something of a handful to wake up, singlehanded sail, and put to bed.  This doesn't surprise us, as our AS29 is also a handful--daysailing is OK, but forget the idea of going out for a two-hour excursion unless you're just motoring. 

    The AS39 also is a lot of tonnage, and one has to learn big boat/small ship power techniques. It's out of the realms of steerable props on small sailboats.  This is a BIG boat.  But if you're genuinely seeking a liveaboard and a temperate ocean-crosser, perhaps you should look carefully at this design!

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