Prince William Sound Yawl:



"Elf", a 16'5" cold-moulded cat yawl at the March 1999 Goolwa Wooden Boat Festival.  An older Bolger design, specified as a maximum cartoppable boat. The boat is described in Bolger's book "Different Boats", which is simply unavailable here - can't even steal it from a library, it's already been nicked.

moored 1

Paraphrasing from info sent by John Kohnen: Fast and spirited (we'll vouch for that), safe in strong winds (welcome to Goolwa - are there other kinds?) and safe in rough water with a tired crew (ditto).  Bolger used Nat Herreshoff's Coquina (1989) as a model for the traditional looks.  There's dry stowage and buoancy aboard, and room to use her as a camper cruiser.  I gather the design request was from Alaska, hence the Alaskan name.  They must breed them tough up there...
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