Bolger Nymph (half-size sail)

Pond Nymph
Photo (C) TJ Fatchen 1990


Bolger's Nymph dinghy, from "Build the New Instant Boats" (see our in print page). 7'9" by 3'6". We built her on the proceeds of the sale of the original Flying Tadpole our open canoe with outrigger, fencing wire and sails.

We chose the Nymph with cartopping on a 1982 Subaru wagon in mind, to which she matched perfectly. Her most extended voyaging "on top" was 500 miles and 15m below sea level, to an unusually full Lake Eyre (central Australia). Most of the time she sailed the local municipal pond.

Motorcycle crash Nymph
Photo (C) TJ Fatchen 1989

When it came to the Nymph's sailing rig, we were broke. It turned out that the genoa sail of the old canoe, properly mounted, had almost exactly half the designed sail area and the same centre of effort. We made a "temporary" short sprit, then discovered, in our local gentle summer sea breezes of 25-27 knots, that we really didn't want a full size sail after all.

She was built in 1989, still going strong 10 years later. We use her almost entirely as a rowboat these days, at which she excels.

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