Luna - modified AS29  
For the chilly Alaskan waters
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Luna launching
From Mark Zeiger (building a Martha Jane with bits of an AS39 in storage):

"Dave Zeiger and Anke Wagner designed Luna themselves, based on the general lines of the AS29.  Dave has the mathematics of design down very well, and has drawn up a lot of boats following Mr Bolger's precepts.

"She'll have a Junk-style rig with a mizzen, following one of Hasler's suggestions, and use leeboards that they're making out of tongue-and-groove planking sheathed in ply.

"Dave and Anke never had an outboard on Zoon, and I don't think they're planning to put one on Luna.  I think he's going to fashion a yuloh for her.

"Luna has a freeflooding cockpit (visible in the photo), a galley, nice saloon, and sleeping are in the bow under the plexiglass dome (found on the beach).  Right about now [March 1999] she ought to have a really nice wood stove installed.  She carries a lot of cargo, as they'll carry a lot of staples for extended cruising.

"The photo was launching day, in Tenakee Springs, Alaska.  Most of the village turned out to help push her from her position in the photo on mossy-slick pressure-treated boards lubed with a little Joy liquid soap, to a 2"-thick section of log, on which she pivoted, then headed down to the water on more slicks.

"As we got it to the log section, several of the women in the crew shouted "It's crowning!".  Most of the men, being bachelors, had no idea what they were saying.  This was one of the greatest community events in which I've ever participated - very tribal!"

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