Weereewa / Lake George Festival 2002

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Lidija Šimkute was invited to the WWW Dance Instillation (April 6-7, 2002) as part of the Weereewa / Lake George Festival (April 6-21) performed by Mirramu Dance Company (directed and choreographed by Elizabeth Dalman along with Vivienne Rogis and Sally Wicks). The performance took place on the bed of Lake George (a sacred Aboriginal space and one of the oldest lakes in the world, dry in times of drought). The performance was comprised of seven dance-dream sequences: earth, sun, reflections, water, sun and water, a rite of passage, landscape.

Each dance sequence included poems or excerpts of Lidija Šimkute’s poetry, written on silk (suspended by rods) at the entrance, on a mirror sunk into sand and written in sand during the performance. The performers created dream-like cameos exploring water and mirror themes.

As the spectators passed by, walking in the landscape, they saw themselves reflected in the mirrors, they saw themselves standing in the landscape - to remind them they are the landscape. There were clay bowls, moon bells, gongs, an earth drum and other exotic instruments played by Colin Offord, who also put Lidija’s poetry into song during the dance performances.

During the dance-dream sequences Lidija read her poems (mostly taken from Spaces of Silence and also from White Shadows) as she walked around the circle outlined in stones. The spectators sat inside the circle.