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  Tomas Venclova  -     forward extract for new bilingual book Something is said:

Lidija is inclined to an Oriental poetry tradition where words are nearly "washed

away" and merge with a gesture, a dance movement, a momentary ritual...

The poems transform into a Kyoto garden surrounded by stones and sand

circles that allude to silence and refer to something quintessential which

cannot be completely comprehended and fully expressed in words.

  J.M. Coetzee  -    the Nobel laureate's comments for new bilingual poetry book:

Thought and Rock contains poems of remarkable purity, written in a spirit of

receptiveness to the world in which the poetic insight suddenly emerges like

a bird taking wing.


   Some recent events:

   2011 May             Stanza International Poetry Festival, St. Andrews, Scotland

   2011 December  Lithuanian Australian Festival, Melbourne - Australia

   2012 May   Spring Poetry Festival, Lithuania

   2012 October   World Poetry Matters Conference: Poetry in many tongues, Monsalvat, Vic.,Australia

   2012 December   Lithuanian Australian Festival, Adelaide - Australia

   Readings in various parts of Lithuania (May – August)

   2013 May   Spring Poetry Festival, Lithuania

   2013 September   Poetry Festival, Batumi, Georgia

   2013 October   Druskininkai Poetic Fall, Lithuania

   Readings in various parts of Lithuania (May – October)




Kažkas pasakyta / Somehting is said – Lithuanian/English, 
                                                             Lithuanian Writers Union Publishers,

Mintis ir uola/Thought and Rock – Lithuanian/English, 
                                                             Lithuanian Writers Union Publishers,


Lidija’s Haiku “Just One Endless Dance” came fourth in Haiku Competition at
Druskininkai Poetic Fall (Lithuania)
in Oct, 2009


Attended International  Poetry Festivals in Utena 2008. Spring Poetry Festival in Vilnius and

readings elsewhere- 2008-9;   Druskininkai Poetic Fall – 2008-9



Anthology Publications in Lithuanian

Spring Poetry Almanac, Lithuania, 2008-10

A Home for the Wind – Lithuanian Haiku (compiled by A. Šilanskas) Lithuania, 2009  

Poems on Vilnius (Iš Vilniaus į Vilnių) (compiled by A. Marčėnas). Lithuania, 2008

For Father. . .(Tėvui nors tiek). (compiled by A. Meškauskas) .Lithuania , 2008



Journal Publications see Biography section attachments in Lithuanian or English

Anthology and Journal Publications in English


World Poetry Almanac 2008 (ed. Hadaa Sendoo) - Mongolia   2008

The Vilnius Review: spring /summer, Lithuania 2008

Best of Friends: 2008. Wet ink;  Australia June, 2009 
A Home for the Wind – Lithuanian Haiku, Lithuania  2009 

Essay: Living in Two Cultures. Poetry’s Mysterious Source  - Vilnius Review

                                                                    spring /summer, No.23, 2008

„After the Race“ (Friendly St) Australia, 2010,

The Shop“ Ireland, 2010



Anthology,Journal and Internet Publications in German, Japanese, Polish & Russian


Facetten Antholgy - (translator Christian Loidl), Linz, Austria – 2008, 2009

Ravine -  (translator Koichi Yakushigawa), 163 -172, Kyoto, Japan, 2007-9


Gosciniec Sztuki (The Way of Art) (translator Leszek Engelking) Krakow, Poland-1-2008

               Russian, 2009



Kaunas: Maironis Literature Museum   Molėtai: Santara Conference Alanta - 2008

Panevežys: Artists House / Garden –  Plungė:   Skalvija Cafe, 2008

Rusnė:  Ethnoculture Centre;    Ylakiai The City Cultural Centre  2009

Vilnius: Lithuanian Writers Union Centre -music- Gediminas Sederevičius

                                                                              and Vytautas Varanka 2008

            Poetry book launch presented by R.Tamošaitis and  D. Mitaitė, 2008  

Adelaide: South Australian Writers Centre, music- Margery Smith Dec.2008  

            Poetry book launch presented by Nobel laureate J.M. Coetzee

Melbourne:  Lithuanian House. Music -David Rohan & Danius Kesminas Dec.2009, 

            Poetry review by Edward Reilly, presented by Juratė Sasnaitis














With Margery Smith and J.M. Coetzee
at "Thought and Rock" book launch,
South Australian Writers' Centre.

Adelaide, Australia 5 Dec 2008














Lidija at "Thought and Rock " book launch,

Melbourne Lithuanian House
Melbourne, Australia 6 Dec 2009




Regimantas Tamošaitis, Lidija, Donata Mitaitė
at book launch

Lithuanian Writers' Union Centre

Vilnius, Lithuania 23 Sept 2008



Obelisk of sand

holds the foundations of home

I rest against air


Ramutė Dragenytė, Eugenija Vaitkevičiutė,
Lidija Šimkutė at book launch

Maironis Literature Museum

Kaunas, Lithuania 2008



  Just one endless dance

  trembling and moving bodies

  sea inside our skin









































Vilnius:   Vytautas Germanavičius: 5 poems for voice (bilingual) from
"Spaces of Silence"
, Lithuania, 2007
Vocalist Sigutė Trimakaitė- St.John’s Church (Vilnius Universitry) other concert halls, venues and churches throughout Lithuania 2008-9, also performed at the Spring Premiers Concert in Vilnius, 2010.

               Published CD - "Nežinomos erdvės" / "Unknown Spaces" by Domus Artis, 2009.

               Vocalist Joana Gedmintaitė


 Sydney:  Margery Smith: from “Ocean Hum” cycle from “Wind Sheen” book: Poems for voice, flute and piano – Grevillea ensemble, 
premier Sydney Conservatorium, May 25, Australia,  2008




L.Šimkutė’s Thought and  Rock. (J.M. Coetzee) read at book launch, 2008         – Culture, March 2009

The Word in the Void (Regimantas Tamošaitis) The Vilnius Review, autumn/winter, 2008

Word Radiance (Ramutė Dragenytė) - Culture

L.Šimkutė’s Thought and  Rock (Isolda.Poželaitė – Davis) - Culture,2008

Mintis ir uola / Thought and Rock (Cameron Fuller) Wet ink 15, June, 2009

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