Grace Delaney was born in England to a family with a painting heritage, as her Father, Grandmother and Aunty were accomplished artists. She was raised in New Zealand and moved to South Australia in 1972. She worked outback NSW were she developed a love of the harsh and colourful landscape. In the early 1990’s Grace completed a certificate in Studio Ceramics where she got a distinction, later while doing a art/design course she knew her passion lay in paint and canvas and has since been painting seriously. Living in Burra, she got together the Clare Valley artists group, and started an Artists Trail, opening her own home each weekend to Tourists.

Grace has won awards and prizes for her impressionist work, being Finalist in the Landscape Prize, Australian Artist Magazine, and First Prize Kapunda annual Art Exhibition, and second prize at Port Adelaide, Rotary Exhibition.

She has exhibited extensively in country exhibitions and has had extremely successful exhibitions in Adelaide galleries. Her paintings are now around Australia and also around the world.

A new style has now emerged and Grace is now being recognized for her abstract paintings which are about colour, as a former Colour Consultant working for Paint Companies, colour is an important aspect of Grace’s work, she states colour
creates emotions and her cheerful creations uplift viewer’s spirits, which is what art is about.

The passion of painting and joy of creating is important to Grace and as her paintings enhance many townhouses, boardrooms, and cottages her love of exploring new methods and ways of applying paint on surfaces keep growing and moving forward in the Adelaide art scene.